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Architecture Preview

NAV defines the part of the navigation link

Display navigation links of a site in the footer, such as homepage, service information page, copyright information page, etc.


Article definition article

Loading and displaying an independent article content, such as forum post, news, blog post, user comment, etc. if the article CE can be nested, the article CE in the inner layer has a subordinate relationship to the article tag in the outer layer.

    User reviews
    Reply to comments

Section defines the section in the document

Chapter, header, footer, or other part of the document,

Heading 1
   Content 1

   Heading 2
   Content 2

Aside defines the sidebar of an article

Advertising, group content, links, sidebars, etc.

Sidebar Title 1
     This is sidebar content 1

      Sidebar Title 2
     This is sidebar content 3

Header defines the header of the document

Usually some guidance and navigation information


Footer defines the footer of a document or section

Typically, this element will contain the name of the creator, the creation date of the document, and / or contact information

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